Change Of Heart: Origami Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day Two!

This particular origami heart is usually called, “A Change of Heart,” but one day my mom says to me, “Those should be called A Heart Full of Change.” I have stuck with that, but the other name is just as cute and depending on the circumstances a change of heart may be more appropriate.

I have a plethora of great memories from my childhood and many of them took place on family vacations. The summer before my senior year of high school we went on a vacation to a small resort town called Pagosa Springs, CO, which is not to far from Durango, CO,  a wonderful little city! In between these two cities is a little ghost town that my dad took my senior pictures. He took awesome photos of me! I know I have a few print ones around here somewhere but I have no idea where, so you will have to take my word for it.

If you have ever stayed at a more family oriented resort you will know that they often have classes that you can take, this particular resort had an origami class. My mom and I decided to go because I love origami; we got there only to find out that it was a money folding origami class. I was a little dis(heart)ened as I learned how to make an origami ‘Dime-On-Ring.’

Get it?

Until… He got to the origami heart! That… wait, what? Holds a quarter!

Since that class I have become proficient at folding these hearts and it is a staple craft for me. I leave them for servers, I fold gifts of money, etc. This is what I hope you all will be able to do after learning how to fold this little treasure.

Each guest at my wedding had a little box with a cute ribbon waiting for them. Inside were two delicious mint chocolate gold coins and an origami heart made from a 2011 one dollar US bill, which was holding a 2011, the year of our wedding, Canadian quarter. I am American, he is Canadian, too clever.

Here is a cute little GIF showing my hands whipping one of these up! This is a large GIF and my first time making a GIF so let me know if it you can see it in all of its glory.

Change of Heart: The Little Red Heart

Hands: Marisa
Key Grip: Cody
Filmed On: A fabulous iPhone

Because I always forget the names of certain folds and there is no point in me reinventing the wheel, these are the directions that I recommend you follow when making this particular origami heart. Flower Heart by Kathleen Weller

If this PDF does not compute with your brain, go to your favorite search engine and type keywords similar to this: Origami Dollar Bill Change of Heart.

Love. Marisa


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