Valentine’s Day Ornaments: IKEA Julmys Hanging Ornament

Hello. Welcome to Day One of My 28 Days of Valentine’s Day!

A top five holiday for me and a perfect holiday for this blog. Join me as I post Valentine’s Day themed posts for the next 28 days and don’t worry there will be a little something for everyone!

Last year I bought 10 or so packages of heart ornaments from the IKEA 2012 Holiday Collection, I do believe the line is called Julmys. I bought so many because they were $0.50 for a package of 4. I couldn’t pass that up and they are cute to boot.

I was going for a non-traditional conversation style heart ornament, but these would be adorable in hot pinks, patterned backgrounds and maybe even a little glitter. So I hope you enjoy this little craft I threw together while watching Easy A (it’s a favorite of mine, Emma Stone, what is not to love?)

Supplies Needed:

Heart Ornament (It would be easy to imitate these ornaments with foam paper or cardboard, or possibly there is something similar in a Valentine’s section of a dollar store)

Card stock –in preferred color/pattern

Sharpie Marker or Pen– in preferred color

Ribbon — in preferred color


Craft Glue


Step 1: Grab the paper you wish to be your background color and trace along the heart, thus making a template to cut out.

Step 2: Cut the above heart out.

Step 3: {Optional} If you want the heart to be similar to the “i love you” heart I did write the words on the template  before you glue. This way you have words “falling off” the paper.

Step 4: Use a small amount of glue around the edge of the heart template and gently place onto back of heart ornament. I used a book to make sure that it dried nice and flat.

Step 5: Take a marker and write to your hearts content. Do however be aware that if you use a Sharpie it will likely bleed through. I counteracted this by using another heart template and gluing it over the back to have a cleaner looking finish.

Step 6: Using your needle, one big enough to thread your chosen size of ribbon, poke back through the original hole and backer paper. Pull ribbon gently and tie a knot. Add a little bow if you want a touch more flair.

Ta-Da! Done and done.

If you still have your Christmas tree up take down those ornaments and decorate your tree will a Valentine’s Day theme. Yes, people do that! Every so often my family would opt to leave the tree up and change out the decorations and the Valentine’s Day one was always a cutie.

Love. Marisa


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