Wino Wednesday: The Wolftrap Red Blend 2012

I was giddy!

Off to the LCBO I went with all the excitement that usually follows me when I get to go to a liquor store. Oh, P.S. a liquor store for me is the equivalent of shoe shopping for other women. You get to look at all the products, read a little, if you are lucky ask the staff about it, wander, linger, and there are sometimes samples! What more does one need?

I got there and got SO overwhelmed I wanted to leave, I HATE the LCBO, because everything is organized by country! Yes, I know, old news. Needless to say I told Cody to go find me something while I stood in the corner.

What country does he go to?

South Africa. Straight up the weirdest dude I know.

Not what I call a first pick when thinking of countries that produce wine. However, in no way was I complaining, because I was still in the corner trying not to have a mini panic attack or throw a tantrum like three year old Marisa. I pulled my shit together and away we went.

Review: The Wolftrap Syrah Mourvèdre Viognier 2012

Technical Specs:

Varietal(s): Syrah 67%, Mourvèdre 31%, Viognier 2%

Vintage: 2012

Appellation: Swartland, South Africa

Alcohol Content: 14.5%

Price: $13.95 CAD

I always assume that I know nothing about most things, this way I look like an idiot less frequently. However, it still happens more then it should, ;). I had little idea of what this wine was going to taste like, which was fun because I had less predetermined judgments floating around in my head.

I have had all of the grapes that make up this blend on their own and had them similarly blended before but not from South Africa. I was in awe by the character of the nose when I first picked up my glass. The nose was like a entrée at a steakhouse, a gamey piece of meat seasoned with spicy pepper, and a light glaze of dark fruits.

First bite was delish, perfectly cooked one might say. The palate followed up with this soft opulence that I loved and light tannins were rounded out by a perfect acidity. The ripe dark fruits, spicy pepper, and oak undertone finish off this wine.

This is a bottle of wine that is full of character; bring this to a get together to impress your friends.

Wine Pairing:

So I have been told by the two people that created me that I should add a dash of food pairings to my wine reviews. So this is how it will go: I am going to tell you what I was eating with this wine and possibly give a few ideas as to what I think you should give a try.

Wine pairing is a tough game, you have to trust your gut and not look at what the other guy are doing. So, if you do not like what I paired, pick something else out. Also, I cook at home and will be making pairing recommendations based on food I can actually make without pulling my hair out. And, I am lactose intolerant so cheese pairing are a little out of my purview, but if it were up to me I would eat only Parmesan until I died.

I drank this wine while enjoying a batch of test brownies for a blog post next week. It was yummy. Seriously, drink this wine, eat some brownie, sit on your couch, and watch a movie.

Tell me something you want to learn about wine in the comments below!

Love. Marisa


2 thoughts on “Wino Wednesday: The Wolftrap Red Blend 2012

  1. A man came into the store a few days ago and asked me to retrieve a Lindeman’s Cabernet from a box in the back because it had “not been touched by the uv lights”. Looking past the ridiculousness that this bottle cost a whopping $6, is his argument on “florescent” lights altering the taste of wine correct?

    • If I recall correctly Lindeman’s Cab is in a dark bottle which provides more protection from UV light than green or clear colored bottles. More to the point, fluorescent lights give off very little UV in comparison to direct sunlight, the real threat. But I doubt you could sway him, wink.

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