DIY Gold Ankle Cuffs

Believe it or not but I am late to the Gold Ankle Cuff DIY game, but once I entered I realized that most of these tutorials require goods that I would have to had planned to order. Knowing me and possibly, knowing you, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Planning ahead to order materials or drive around town like a chicken with its head cut off are two things I try to avoid, no wait… I do not actually avoid planning, I am more of a procrastinator, so planning evades me.

Why did I need gold ankle cuffs you may ask?

Well why not?

When I was visiting my parents we made a trip up to The Peg, Winnipeg, to go to a friends wedding social on New Year’s Eve. I had this grand idea of a little black dress and WAY to many gold accessories; a couple steps from gaudy was what I was aiming for.

But oh did I SO want a pair of ankle cuffs to go with my outfit, however I was having no luck until one fateful trip to the dollar store I found a gold place mat, yes a gold place mat. It was resilient to water and tearing, was thick so I would not have to layer, and was flexible enough to allow me to make a cuff.

(The reason for the cuffs being on my wrist is because I looked at my legs and nobody wants to see that pale skin and dark, crazy leg hair. You are welcome)

Things you will need:

Gold Place Mat

Sharp knife or blade

No Sew Snap Fastener Kit (I picked one up at Wal-Mart)

Gold Sharpie or Liquid Leaf



Step 1: Take gold place mat and inspect it, looking for scuff marks or imperfections and try to avoid using those portions. The place mat that I bought had rounded edges so I chose to cut them and create straight edges to work with.

Step 2: Decide what width of cuff you want. I went a touch thinner at 1.25.” That width accentuated my ankles, but if you have legs for days I would totes try a wide cuff (and I may be a bit jealous).

Step 3: Measure out the width you want and mark it off on the back side of the place mat.

Step 4: Then using your ruler as a straight edge take your sharp blade and cut alongside, making sure to be gentle and consistent to get a nice straight cut. So what you should have are strips of gold place mat that are much longer then you need.

Step 5: Grab the top snaps and start on either edge, mark where you want them to be located. To do this just place the snap on the mat where you want it to be and push, it will leave a ring in the mat. Do this once or twice or thrice, depending on how many snaps you would like.

Step 6: After hammering the top snap pieces into each other, take the strip and put it around your ankle. Consider where you want it to be on your ankle, do you want it loose or tight? Will you be wearing pants or socks under the cuff or just leggings or tights?

Step 7: At this point you should have two pieces of the snap left, the two pieces for the face of the snap are already on. Now place the top part of the bottom portion of the snap into the top piece, these are the two pieces that “snap” together.

Step 8: Once you have considered all of the questions from Step 6 and done Step 7 line the strip up and gently press onto the over lapping potion of the place mat. This will “mark off” where the bottom snap should be placed.

Step 9: After marking off your bottom snap, hammer it into place.

Step 10: I colored the top and bottom edge of my cuff with a gold sharpie, it was a cream color to begin with and that little bit showing detracted from the gold of the cuff. At this stage, you can gold leaf the edge and inside portion if you like. I did not because my cuff was tight enough you could hardly see the inside.

Final Step: I snagged some liquid gold leaf and painted the heel of pumps. My pumps are black and already have two little gold buttons that do nothing so the gold heel was perfect.

These directions may sound a tish hard, but once you look at the directions for the snap fastener kit you will understand. Trust me. If not, comment and I will walk you through it.

Love. Marisa


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