Three {Easy} Last Minute Host Gifts


We are in the midst of the busiest season for most everyone, so don’t worry it is not just you, but what about finding time for a host gift(s) for your boss, friend, mother-in-law, etc…

Here are Three Super Duper Easy Gift Ideas that are all possible to do while drinking wine.

1. Peppermint Fudge. This fudge from Chocolate and Carrots is amazing and amazingly easy. It took 10 minutes tops {approx. one glass of wine} to make, the hard part is the three hours in the fridge. So make this during a long lunch and when you get home cut it up and stick it in adorable little boxes or on a plate and WAH LA!

2. Mulling Spices. This easy recipe from Reading My Tea Leaves is quick and simple and can be used in either good old fashioned apple cider or wine. {Went so quickly I didn’t have time to drink any wine} However, instead of searching all around town for little satchels to house the spices I snagged some cheesecloth, cut squares, and tied with a festive green string.
FYI: As mentioned before this spice bag can be used in apple cider, wine (usually a red Italian, nothing to pricey), or as a home fragrance (boil water, add bag, reduce heat, and simmer 3-4 hours before a holiday party).

3. DIY Holiday Candles. Grab some tapered candles in preferred color, tape off, and spray paint with contrasting color or just spray paint the whole thing. I snagged thin tape, wrapped my candles like candy canes, and sprayed them with bright red spray paint.

These were all so quick, easy, and fun that now you have time to sit on the couch and drink the rest of your wine. 😉


If you are reading this thinking I can totes do this but never actually get the time just stop by your local wine shop and pick up a bottle of bubbly and a bow on the way to the party!



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