Holiday Tags, Trees and Good Tidings


Sorry I have been absent for a bit now, but I have been working diligently on gifts for my family. This year we are doing only gifts that we make each other, so what I am really saying is that I totally overshot on what I can actually do and have had to learn quite a few things this holiday season in order to finish up the gifts. What I am making my father is still illusive, hopefully I can catch that one soon.

I did not want  to get a Christmas tree, but my mom convinced me to get in the spirit, so here is the scoop on the tree. Cody and I decided that we were going to get a real tree so that we do not have to store it, we can toss it when the holiday is done. Not the best attitude to go into tree buying with.

Disclaimer: Cody has never bought a Christmas tree, usually they go and cut one down in the bush. It is far more exciting then that. Everyone piles in the truck fully clothed in winter gear and drive around looking for a good place, tree wise that is. They walk and examine trees until a suitable one comes forward and says, “please take me.” The funny part about this is trees can look stunning on one side and the other side can be completely bare, which is why this takes some time.

So this year Cody and I went out and bought our first real Christmas tree, we are growing up, and I told him to pick one out. These trees were bundled which made getting it into the Prius much easier. We got home, put the tree in the base with hot water, and waited. A couple hours later I have this tree half the size of our living room! Seriously, this is what I would like to call and grown-up tree. I was planing on decorating a 5-6ft tree that was maybe 4-5ft round. This thing is twice that round!  I was peeved and Cody was like “but it looked so small bundled up, how was I to know?” Well I had to give him that because he had never even seen a tree that was bundled, let alone pick one out.

Considering I only had enough ornaments to decorate something half this size I think it turned out swell. I came from a home that decorated the tree Martha Stewart style so this does not compare in any way to my mother’s trees.

Did you happen to notice that bowl of strung popcorn?

Oh, you did did you?

That is the garland that Cody and I strung to go on the tree but forgot that we had it and now it sits there laughing at us. All that work, but we agreed it was probably a good thing because Mr.Doodles would have most likely tried to eat it off the tree, popcorn being in his Top 10 Favorite Foods.

I also sat down for the first time in a long while and made holiday cards, realizing that I know a diverse bunch of people and would hate to be seen as intolerant. Also, this way I can send them out when I get to the States and they will still be on time. Religiously tolerant and smart.

When making cards and tags be sure to ALWAYS pick a theme first, this is the key phrase you need to take away from this post/entire blog. {Also, I stole that from my mom}

Do you want a kitschy Christmas theme? Red, White, and Green

Do you want a winter wonderland? Blue, White, and Silver

You get my point. I wanted to have a holiday that would last until I got back, so it had to make it through the new year. I went with gold, bronze, silver, black and white… hints of red just to make sure the holiday part got through. The metallic Sharpie pack just happens to be awesome and my favorite. That was my theme and I stuck with it. For obvious reasons I am not showing you the tags that were awful because that would totally ruin my rep.

I would love to hear what you think, questions and comments below!



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