IKEA Hack : IKEA Bekvam Step Stool DIY


Ironic story I have to tell and I promise it has everything to do with my IKEA stool revamp.

London, Ontario that is, is just under two quick hours from an IKEA. I heart IKEA. I like to wander around the show rooms and look at what clever little ideas they have for their products in “real” situations. Seriously though, sometimes I just want to be like really IKEA the layout of this 400 sq ft apartment is perfect. If you insert a weird wall or pole here it would far more realistic. Onward…

So Cody and I went to IKEA a couple months ago with list in hand. On said list was that cute IKEA Bekvam stool for the kitchen. I needed this, for those of you that have not met me I am short, average short, if that makes any sense. The kitchen cabinets were made for semi-giants, or just people close to or over 6 ft. Icarumba. Shorties out there, am I right or am I right?

Point. We forgot the stool.

It was so cute and only $17. I decided to wait until I could get that cute stool once again. Well this opportunity arose earlier then expected and not at IKEA. I was at Goodwill (the fanciest looking Goodwill ever, someday I will post a picture) during a 50% of sale. Now that is my kind of thrifting. I was mainly going to show my family the fanciest Goodwill ever, why not go in when there is a 50% off sale.

I wandered straight back to the furniture. I love furniture. And what did I find? You guessed it, that adorable IKEA Bekvam stool for $8 so sale price $4. STEAL. It was in great shape and I was going to paint it anyway. We also found a hardly used Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition for the hard to say no to price of $1. Nerdy party in our future.  Also, there may or may not have been a mini photo op between my Before and After shots of the stool with my very own salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer, Mr. Doodles.

For this stool REDO you will need:

2 Paint brushes (I used foam)

Spray paint in desired color (Ideally a primer coat to begin)

Fine Sand Paper

Acrylic Paint in desired color (optional)


Step 1: I sanded the stool because IKEA furniture usually has some type of sealer on or maybe this one just had gunk from the previous owner.  I did a thorough job because I was out of primer and wanted this to look well done without a trip out to Home Depot. If however you are doing it the smart way, not the smrt way, I would use Kilz primer in a spray can.

Step 2: Spray stool with desired color. I chose Krylon Fusion in White Gloss. I sanded in-between coats to be sure that it has a lovely gloss sheen to it in the end.

Step 3: I then used red acrylic paint to paint the top step of the stool. I did multiple coats to make sure that the color was vibrant as could be. My kitchen has this red and white theme so I thought it would add more kitsch.

Optional: You could decoupage the steps like A Story Telling Home or do a negative space stencil like this IKEA Hacker or gold polka dots from Oakland Avenue. If maybe you are craving a new look for a piece of your very IKEA looking furniture typing IKEA (insert name) hack into a search engine of choice and watch the possibilities unfold. I choose only a few of the hundreds of choices I had for this stool to show you.

Step 4: I then covered the steps of the stool with 3 coats of  semi – gloss Miniwax Polyurethane. This way the steps would look shiny and new long into the future.

Semi Sage advice: Spray paint is a ladies best friend. Do not be afraid to grab a can a try it out because it opens a world of choices that are inexpensive and not time consuming. Just make sure to use in a well ventilated space, because I need not be blamed for lost of brain cells. You hear me.



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