Wino Wednesday: Inkberry Mountain Estate Shiraz Cabernet 2010

Wino Wednesdays: Inkberry Shiraz Cab 2010 | The Little Red Heart

Disclosure: This is late…I will further explain why next week. I apologize, don’t sue me. I would say that this will never happen again but let’s be real that is a promise I cannot keep. 😉

Review: Inkberry Shiraz Cabernet

Technical Specs:

Varietal: 60% Shiraz / 40% Cabernet

Vintage: 2010

Appellation: Central Ranges, Australia

Alcohol Content: 13.9%

Price: $ 12.99

Australian wines are iconically jammy, fruit forward and easy drinking.  I opened this bottle when my mom and I were working on a project the week she was here ( I will be posting that later this week), so be excited! Honestly, I picked it up out of all the others because it had a screw top.

The secret is out… sometimes I cannot argue with the easy way out. Moving on.

This is a red blend. If two wines are blended together and neither of the two make up more than 85% the varietals must be listed by importance. According to Australian wine laws, the Shiraz in this Shiraz Cabernet blend makes up the majority of the wine, with the exact percentages being required on the back label.

This is a deep “inky” purple in the glass, the kind that really stains the teeth, with a nose FULL of red and black berries and slight spice undertones. One sip of this wine and your palate will be flooded with more of those same “inky” berries, spice, delicious espresso and a bit of chocolate. Mild tannins and a medium plus acidity finish this wine.

This particular vintage, to me (keep that in mind), could use 3-5 years of age. If you open it now do be sure to give it a little time to open up and you will enjoy it much more. I have enjoyed other vintages a touch more but I still keep coming back and always finishing the bottle off.



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