Statement Wall DIY : Polka Dots

The townhouse that we moved into was what I liked to call a nightmare. It was filthy. Yet there was so much potential for adorable. One wall is shared with our neighbors and unfortunately it is cinder block or brick so hanging anything of substance is not happening. Of course, right when you enter  the front door you see the stairs and this HUGE beige wall (that I cannot hang anything on).


What was I to do? Scour the internet until my eyes went wonky and then I came across Lauren Conrad’s Office Wall Makeover, loved it!

Insight: I love glitter, sparkle and gold ANYTHING! Scratch that… ANYTHING Shiny: silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass, etc.

…back on track…

So, I have a large space to cover and was not in the mood to scour the internet for gold contact paper that was cheap. Also, we were given the gift of art for our wedding from my Father’s side of the family. We chose a Charles Beck Tulip wood block print. Cody liked one and I liked another so C. Beck made a special print for us! It was framed at Beyond The Mitered Corner and it is fabulous in its simplicity. Charles Beck is a Fergus Falls, MN native so it was only fitting to have it framed in Fergus Falls as well. Next to my Lance Albers piece, which is one of my most loved possessions. I need a sticker that says, “Save My ART in Case of Fire.” I would obviously have already grabbed Mr.Doodles (my miniature schnauzer) without hesitation, in case you were wondering.

I think that I love my C.Beck so much because my mom and dad had it framed for me and I picked out the mattes with the idea that someday when I have a daughter I would hang this in her nursery, and she would grow with it. Now that I think about it, it was my first “nesting” piece. DO NOT however think that I am having children any time soon, children frighten me. If given the option between elementary and high school hands down I would go High School. Kudos to those people that are great with children, I silently applaud them.

…back to the wall…

As I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the gold polka dot search. I realized gold would distract from my C.Beck piece so I opted for white which is easy to find and somewhere around $8 a roll. Perfect!

I used my Fiskars 2 inch circle punch and punched somewhere around four hundred pesky, little circles.

This is easy, seriously easy. If you want to add a hair or a full head of spunk and fun to any space in your home this is the lazy ladies way out. This is art-you-can-do-in-a-Thanksgiving-food-coma easy.

This is what my final project looks like and it makes me happy! And like I have previously said I love stuff that will come down easy when I change my mind or move!



5 thoughts on “Statement Wall DIY : Polka Dots

    • Thanks Kathy! My secret it to pop the dots in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. I had the easiest time holding the dots backing side up in my palm and then peeling apart. The first ten seem to take forever then it gets way easier!

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    • I used contact paper, also known as shelf liner. It has a decorative side (I used white) and a adhesive side. You can find it just about anywhere Home Depot, Target, etc. Cut out your desired shape, peel off backing and stick to wall. Due to the nature of contact paper it is also easy to remove so it is temporary in case you are a renter like myself. Hope that helps!

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