Wino Wednesday: Petite Petit

Review: Michael David Petite Petit

Technical Specs

Varietal/Composition: 85% Petite Sirah / 15% Petite Verdot

Vintage: 2008 {Current: 2010}

Appellation: Lodi, California

Alcohol Content: 15.0%

Price: $16.99 US / $24.95 LCBO

Waltzing through the wine selection at your local liquor store, you will not miss this eye catching label, it is effing adorable and has a name to match.

This Petite Sirah/Petite Verdot blend is sure to knock you socks off! My first go round I fell in love, Petite Petit is an elephant stomp to the palate. Petite Petit’s  super dense, full bodied pop of color is a beauty in the glass, but if that is not enough, it also has truckloads of dark berries on the nose and palate. This wine is medium-plus on the dryness scale but is followed by a superb tannin structure and perfect acidity.  Travel the path less beaten and venture over to the Petite Sirahs if you love a dry, balanced tannic structure and a full body.

However, the particular bottle that I am drinking is a 2008, meaning I have had it for about two years. Oh my lordy did this get better with age! The elephant stomp to the palate turned into more of a elephantine caress of the palate. All the flavor and body, but far more of a suave drinker, it got comfortable in its own skin. {Think Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in The World}

Yes, I am describing a glass of wine and do I LOVE this particular glass of wine! I would have drank the whole bottle, but was sharing it with my family that is visiting for the holiday! American Thanksgiving in Canada, weird, I know.



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