Wall of Words :: Bedroom Wall Makeover

I was out thrift shopping and came across half a Britannica set from the late 80s priced at 5 for $10 or $4.99 a piece. I snagged 5 of these lovelies, one was destined for a Christmas gift for my brother and the others were destined for greatness (which means I bought them because they were pretty).

My mom is one creative lady and covered one of her walls in the kitchen with a lovely dictionary that she found in a park. I took a note from her and decided to cover our bedroom wall with the pages from the Britannica’s I bought.



Sharp Blade

Double Sided Tape (or some other type of adhesive)

Optional: Paper cutter

Step 1: Find/buy a book(s) of some assortment

Step 2: Peruse the pages to find all of the pretty ones. I mostly looked for maps and headings pages but also had a large number of “boring” word pages.

Step 3: Use sharp blade to cut pages out of book {If you want more of a brick look you will need to cut each page to the same width, I wanted it to be imperfect so I did not worry about it}

Step 4: I used 3m double sided tape and placed a piece at each corner and the center. If you do not rent your place I would use something with a hair more tenacity, especially if it will be staying up for quite awhile. I am a renter so I want to have ease when tearing down.

Other Adhesive options that I love are: Zots, 3m Spray Adhesive or a simple glue & water mix (known to most as Mod Podge)

Step 5: Stick to wall! {I made sure to overlap a bit on each side to avoid any wall peeking through, also I did not want everything to align so I choose to have it look like bricks but not striving for that sort of perfection at the same time, you catch my drift?}

Step 6: Revel in your awesomeness because that took a couple hours but has a huge impact on your space!


P.S. I am not a photographer and do not pretend to be one so bear with me as I learn how to use a camera on a setting other then AUTO!


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