Wino Wednesday:Butternut Chardonnay

Review: Butternut Chardonnay



Technical Specs

Appellation: California

Vintage: 2011

Varietal: Chardonnay

Alcohol: 13.9%

Price: $14-$16

I learned to love red wine from the beginning but have had to trudge my way backwards to the whites, practice and patience are key.

SO, Butternut Chardonnay! This California Chardonnay is what many are saying to be the best-buy compared to Rombauer Chardonnay (“The” California Chardonnay). This golden yellow wine called, “Butternut” lives up to its very name with a nose full of butter, cream, vanilla, and tropical fruits. On the palate you will enjoy all of the aromas from the nose accompanied by a  rounded oak, fig, and butterscotch finish.

Try pairing this wine with food that will match its flavor, like creamy dishes or something that is completely opposite like Asian cuisine.

A powerhouse white wine that “smells like Christmas.”

Enjoy this with a Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner!

Love. Marisa

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