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Guest Room / Office Inspiration: A Moroccan Motif

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Inspiration for the Guest Room / Office Makeover Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Mostly Lions, but I could not help myself. I love Lions, possibly because I am a Leo or that I love their manes or they are … Continue reading

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

A First Do-It-Yourself Post

Insight…I started this project with a specific end goal in mind and completely failed half ways through but I loved how it ended up.

End Goal- A Simple version of THIS.

Since our move to London, ON I have had a lot of free time and recently have picked up an obsession with the name Kijiji. I call my myself the Kijiji Machine. My first experience with these classified was a kitchen table, $45 CDN. Got it home and realized that the table was in poor condition. I had just recently found some  Minwax stain in Walnut when and black calligraphy ink when unpacking.

Step 1: Sand that beast down until it was smooth as a babies bum.

Step 2: Make sure table is completely clean. Apply as many coats of desired color of stain according to directions on package. I used two coats of Walnut by Minwax. Making sure to allow for proper drying between coats.  I always apply my stain with an old sock because I like the finished look and that is what my mom does. Must be legit, right?

Step 3: This is where you use your stencil or tape off the desired pattern. We wanted a very simple design, mostly because we are lazy. 😀

Step 4: This is where you can decide to use paint instead of the route I chose which was black ink. I took the black ink and ‘colored’ inside the lines, wiped down with a sock and then applied a couple more times. If using paint it would only require one good coat with a stenciling brush (flat ended).

(If you opted for paint you would stop here and apply a clear polyurethane coat in desired finish)

Step 5: Because we taped the pattern we had to be very gentle when pulling the tape off, this is when I realized the ink got underneath the tape and left we with a mess. Panic hit. No actually I sucked it up and rubbed the whole table down with an old sock. Watching to not rub the pattern out too much.

Step 6: I applied two more coats of Walnut by Minwax.

Step 7: I used three coats of Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane in semi-gloss, I was looking for a bit of gloss, so choose your finish based on your desired outcome.

Finished product looks like an antique table, with lots of blemishes, from a farmhouse and I love it!

Ciao! Marisa

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