Baby Hair Bow DIY


This first little project is for a new baby girl with the name of Soleil. That is a steal worthy name. So of course I made her a sun inspired bow and purchased an adorable onesie to match.

What you will need:
 31″ of 7/8” grosgrain ribbon (yellow)
25″ of 3/8” wide grosgrain ribbon (orange)
20″ of 1/8” wide grosgrain ribbon (hot pink)
hair clip
Hot glue
Needle & thread
marker or pen
Stretchy baby head band optional
Excess ribbon to either cover the hair clip and wrap around the center of the bow.

I simply followed this lovely tutorial from blogger Suzanne at Notes from the Patch for making the actual bow, those are be found HERE.

Once you have completed the first bow make sure to not wrap the finishing piece around the middle. I first make all three bows, attaching them together with a dab of hot glue.

To finish, the bow, I then wrapped the smallest ribbon, the hot pink for me, around the center of the bows and knotted it, thus adding two extra tails coming from the center of the bow.


A extra step that is not necessary is covering the metal hair clip with ribbon, this is a nice touch because the metal clip will not scratch the wearer’s head.

My Covered clip:

The finished bow with clip attached:

Then simply use the clip to attach to the soft headband, this will allow you to make many different bows and easily swap them while using the same headband!

The beautiful, sun inspired bow for Soleil!



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